Spider puts down other small spiders


Spider is a pet in Battle Run. It appears as a robotic spider that characters ride on.
Spider (Cropped)

A Spiderling.


Spider gains a small speed boost while it is laying the spiderlings (see attack).


The Spider drops small spiderlings upon its activation. Upon contact, a player appears to jump and grab his/her foot, crying in pain. During this time, their movement speed is slowed and they are unable to jump and use items for a brief second. (Similar to Lady Bug's and Caterpooper's attack phase)
Screenshot 2015-06-06-03-21-08

OICW_Nicky riding his Spider

Competitive PlayEdit

Spider sounds like a weak pet, until you understand how devastating the spiderlings are. If you drop them right before an obstacle, an opponent is forced into it, unable to jump, and they can die by a near-by hazard. In addition, if your opponents are not quick enough, it can trap them in the line of spiderlings.