Speeder Gameplay

Speeder Gameplay

Battle Run Speeder



Speeder is a pet in Battle Run. It appears as a chair with 2 guns in front of it, the gun in front also appears to be an engine (similar to a Jet Engine).


You are given a speed boost throughout Speeder's entire life time. The Robo Car has set the record for fastest pet in Battle Run but it loses to Speeder because it doesn't have the speed for its entire duration, Robo Car has a missile shooting stage. Speeder and Robo Car have always been at war with speed, but they both get a trophy.
Nascar-sprint-cup-championship-trophy thumb

Speeder's trophy for having the longest fast speed in Battle Run

Speeder's trophy: longest fast speed.

Robo Car's award: fastest speed.

Speeder only Hatches from Legendary eggs, not white or gold, but legendary.

If u hatch  a legendary egg u will get a chance at recieving this but if u want  a speeder with all 100's in it, hope that u get one from a egg, or wait till its availble for trade and wait till it says trade for 1500 diamonds and u will automatically get all 100's in it, this includes for all pets.

Screenshot 2015-04-28-18-37-19

OICW_Nicky using his speeder


For a time after activating, Speeder will fire in front of it, killing enemies that come into contact with it. It shoots 5 pixel bullets and is very effective if aimed right at close range. It can kill pets and racers easily.

Competitive Play.

Speeder would be very competitive, but it's bullets are hard to aim, and while they are fast, they also have an extremely short range. Speeder is known to be the best pet and is a beast, it's good for catching up and holding the lead (in most cases depends on the speed of stats).


  • Speeder is named and based off the Speeder from Star Wars.
  • Speeder is arguably the best pet in Battle Run.