Slime GunEdit

  • Thrown Weapon
  • Chris pulls out a gun and shoots ball of slime that function exactly like Goo when they hit the ground and acts like eggs when it hits a person.
  • Upgrades increase number of balls fired.


If the slime balls hit a character, instead of sticking to them like the Egg, it drops right to the ground, immediately slowing them. For the best use of it, is to use it when your opponents are all crowded together.

Competitive PlayEdit

Best for short range harasses.

Ranking of the similar weapons:

  1. Bone
  2. Ninja Star
  3. Slime Gun
  4. Throwing Axe
  5. Egg

Slime Gun ranks in 3rd place due to being the easiest to aim and the amount of projectiles thrown. It does function similar to the Egg, but more of a direct upgrade. Keep in mind though, it does produce the "slow effect" exactly like the Egg does, and can be a benefit for the enemy by letting you pass by, and then launching a Homing Rocket at you.