Shinobi gameplay

Shinobi gameplay


This is what shinobi looks like

Shinobi is a playable character in Battle Run. He is unlocked once purchased for 1200 Diamonds.


Shinobi is depicted as a typical ninja, with very stealthy clothing and movements. His body and head are entirely concealed save for his eyes, which are a bright blood-red. He also adorns fingerless gloves.

Shinobi possesses a unique running style, where he sprints low to the ground and with his arms extended back.



Shinobi's playstyle is notable in the fact that it induces rapid, "sneak attack"-type kills, and getting ahead quickly. Typically, the player will start off weak, and then quickly improve in pace.

At first glance, his Ninja Star may seem like a rather mundane weapon, but it is incredibly fast to kill—combine it with a worthy pet, and picking off players quickly in succession will become more than possible.

Shinobi's arsenal of boosting weapons includes the Chainsaw and the Boost, excellent for getting ahead. However, his lead hold isn't as strong when compared to characters like Molly. Aside from the Goo and generally maintaining a high speed, Shinobi is a bit vulnerable in the lead.

Use in Competitive Play

Shinobi, while he takes on a very unique playstyle, is effective, especially against characters with a weak lead hold, such as Spoon.


  • Shinobis were specially-trained covert agents or mercenaries in Empirical Japan—it is merely another term for a ninja.
  • His name may also be partially based off Shinobi, a video game series created by SEGA.