Robo-Car Gameplay

Robo-Car Gameplay

Robo Car (Cropped)

Robo Car, in it's robot form, ready to shoot rockets.


The Robo Car in Car Form

Robo Car

Robo Car is a pet in Battle Run. He first appears as a car, then transforms into a robot. Characters ride in the car and on his back, respectively.

This pet is now available in trade, so now u guys can get better stats guaranteed. :)

Robo Car's trophy for having the fastest speed in Battle Run


Car Form: A super speed boost is given.

Robot Form: No noticeable speed boost given.

If you wanna know more about Speeder's and Robo Car's  speed competition, look at the Speeder article.


Car Form: Knocks players back upon contact (Similar to Mr. Touchdown)

Robot Form: Fires a barrage of missiles forward, killing enemies a long range in front of you. The missiles also have a splash damage attack, attacking any players nearby the explosion
Screenshot 2015-06-05-16-37-53

OICW_Nicky riding his Robo Car

Competitive Play

Robo Car does very good, due to his dual attacks. In addition, it is easy to go from last to first: Knock aside the 3rd and 2nd placers, then kill the 1st player.


The idea for Robo Car may have come from Transformers, a movie/TV seires where robots can transform into various objects. It is also one of the two robotic pets in the game, the other one being Robo Spacecraft.

Robo Car for Transformers would most likely look like Bumblebee's vehicle form.