Nitro Queen gameplay

Nitro Queen gameplay

Nitro Queen is a character in Battle Run. She costs 1200 diamonds.


Nitro Queen  appears as an African American super hero, she has a cape/hero suit.

When she runs she is seen skipping.

Nitro Queen


Nitro Queen's weapons are listed.

  • Drill (overpower weapon)

Play Style

Nitro Queen is a very balanced character like Macie, her Super Dash is extremely useful, it gives a slight better speed boost than Chainsaw and has the same affect as Boxing Glove, it's a decent Weapon. Her Homing Rocket makes her better, it gives her long range targeting, her Throwing Axe gives her a thrown weapon for players using her to use, they can use that to kill players in a medium radius and they can control were it goes.
Throwing Axe (Cropped)

Dust throwing his first Throwing Axe

Drill (Cropped)

The Drill Projectile.

HR (Cropped)

A Homing Rocket flying forward.


Macie using Chainsaw.

(depending on were it's thrown from) her Drill makes her good for targeting first place racers and hopefully others in her way, and her Landmines give her good defence, a lot better than the weapon most characters have in Battle Run " Goo ".
Goo (Cropped)

Macie using Goo.

Over all, this makes Nitro Queen a very Well and Balanced Character.

Competitive Play

Nitro Queen is good for Competitive Play and is usually used by high levels.

She is good when she is in 4th or 3rd (really close to players)

Because when she gets her Super Dash, she hits and knocks over anyone in her way.