Macie Gameplay

Macie Gameplay

Macie (Cropped)

Macie at the main screen


  • Macie is a playable character in Battle Run.
  • She appears to be a small child with blue eyes and long blonde hair.
  • She supports a fairly balanced playstyle and has good long range tracking with Boomerang.
  • She supports the abilities Throwing Axe, Boomerang, Chainsaw, Goo, Boost, and Meteor Shower.


Macie is a decent character who has nice balance in her abilities. Her Boomerang is an extremely useful upgrade over the Homing Rocket. She can decently hold the lead, but cannot match the lead hold of Molly.

Use in Competitive Play

Macie is a rarity in competitive play due to her only okay lead hold, weak sustain, and lack of pushing power.