Landmine (Cropped)

A Landmine on the ground.


  • Dropped Weapon
  • Explodes and Kills on contact
  • Upgrades increase mines dropped and activation time (Max 2 dropped)


Good defensive tool, especially if someone is coming up behind you with a Chainsaw or other melee weapon. Also good to stop someone from taking the lead with Boost.

Competitive PlayEdit

Decent leadhold and makes for an easy kill.

Ranking of similar weapons:

  1. Yarn
  2. Landmine
  3. Goo

Although typically direct killing weapons are not seen as good in The Big Boss League, Goo is too easily dodged to be useful. Landmine may be the sole reason you see more of Dust then Macie.

Level infoEdit

Level 1: 1 mine dropped

Level 2: 1 mine dropped

Level 3: 2 mines dropped

Level 4: 2 mines dropped

Level 5: 2 mines dropped

Level 6: 2 mines dropped