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Players getting ready to race on Jungle

Jungle is a stage in battle run that takes place in a jungle. This stage is a more challenging stage than Castle as it has a more complicated track. The background depicts large tress and temples. Along with tiny huts on the trees.

Jungle's trophies for having the second coolest design in Battle Run


Players ready to race on Jungle


There are 2 total obstacles in Jungle that are both Harmful

Harmful ObstaclesEdit

Spiked Mushroom(Tall)Edit

The Spiked Mushroom is a tall but thin obstacle in Jungle. The Mushroom is red with black spikes. It is impossible to jump over while standing next to it. If the player comes into contact with the obstacle it will kill the player or their pet.

Spiked Mushrooms(Short)Edit

The Spiked Mushrooms are a modified version of the Tall Spiked Mushroom. The mushrooms are tiny compared to the Tall Spiked Mushroom and are groups together. It is not tall but rather long in length. This obstacle sometimes requires a Double Jump. 

These spiked mushrooms can be upside down on the bottom of higher spirts of high track parts and on top of them, making them tricky sometimes when there is a slow ramp and a spiked mushroom just above you, if you jump at the wrong time to die (similar to parts of Harbor(Stage)).

Music ThemeEdit

The music theme for this stage seems to be jungle music that you would find people living in the woods or Indians playing.