Glitch (Cropped)

Macie dashing forward on Glitch.


Glitch is a pet in Battle Run. It appears as a robot bug, with crossed eyes. Characters ride on it's back.

Joe riding his Glitch


Glitch will boost forward, and then suddenly stop, then boost again. This makes it appear that he is "Glitching", a term used to describe a game running slow, so an object appears to be at two places at once. A glitch is a relatively fast pet due to its sudden bursts of speed. Due to its entire life with the bursts of speed it will often beat most pets found in golden and white eggs.


Glitch has no intended attack upon activation

Egg Edit

Glitch is a white pet and can be found in all eggs.

Competitive PlayEdit

Despite having no attack, Glitch sees good use at higher levels due to the fact that, you can get easy kills with Chainsaw by boosting forward and getting the kill. He is also easy to control, because you can see ahead of you during the slight pause.



Glitch is named after the gaming term 'glitch'.