Force Slow Edit

Force Slowing your character is when you hold down the Weapon button, causing your character to slow down immensely. The only way to speed back up is to let go of the button, using your weapon in the process. This holds many uses, mostly for completing Objectives that require you to fall behind.

Force Slow DodgeEdit

Force slow dodge, abreviated as FSD, is using the force slow technique and then jumping to cause a weapon to miss you, especially weapons that lock on to you like Homing Rocket and Boomerang. This is due to the fact that the weapon will lock on to you at your feet, and, because you are moving slow, when you jump, the weapon will shoot up, but miss you, causing it to loop around. Sometimes it will come after you, or it may lock another character. It can also be used to avoid a Meteor Shower: Because the meteors lead you so you run into them, if you use Force Slow, you won't run into them.


Interestingly enough, most of the Battle Run population does not know about Force Slow. It is buried in the in-game handbook, something most players don't think to look at. Because of this, characters who use this often perform well in Competitive Play.