Drill (Cropped)

The Drill Projectile.


  • "Ultimate" Weapon
  • Summons a drill, which will chase the person in first place and explode. If it makes contact with people along the way, it will kill them.
  • Non-Upgradeable
  • Explosion affects players nearby the explosion
  • Damage is greater at explosion than when it runs through you.


Ultimate weapons are acquired when one is falling behind. They are usually inescapeable (Save FSD)

Competitive PlayEdit

Ultimate weapons are rarely seen in Competitive Play.

Ranking of similar weapons:

  1. Meteor Shower
  2. Drill

Drill is ranked lower than Meteor Shower because anyone not in first can easily escape being killed by jumping over it.

The drill can be slightly manipulated to explode/lock onto a player that is behind you even when in first place. To do this, outrun a approaching drill, either FSD while avoiding the "drill" of the missile to force it to target a incoming player, or when a item that gives speed is obtained, stay/fall to 2nd place, and if you're about to become 1st, speed away, tricking the drill into locking on the 2nd place player, and might take out several players in the explosion. This is difficult to do.