Competitive PlayEdit

Competitive Play refers to the playing for extreme competition. Competitive Players would much rather play as Characters and pets that are good rather than fun. It is important to remember, however, that almost any character and pet can do well if mastered correctly, rather some just are easier to master than others.

"Use in Competitive Play" on Character PagesEdit

This shows how a character does in a competitive setting. This is relative, however, and like I said, any character can really do well if mastered. Take it as a precaution, but not an obstacle. For example, while Spoon is not usually very good in competitive play, sometimes he can be a total machine.

"Competitive Play" on Weapon PagesEdit

This shows how a certain weapon ranks against other weapons. The same deal applies with this section. This is how these weapons are usually seen in the competitive setting, but people who learn how to play with these weapons can do better than highly used, highly effective weapon.

"Competitive Play" on Pet PagesEdit

This shows how a pet does in a competitive setting. I will stress this constantly, this is just an opinion from the general mass of players. If you love a pet and do good with it, play with it!

"Competitive Play" on StagesEdit

Each "environment", or "stage" has several types of tricks of its own, such as forcing a player to slow down if they are pushing too hard for the lead, then hit a spike and die. Each "stage" has its own tiers as well, each tier is filled with new challenges that allow learning of quicker reactions, new placement of traps, and ultimately creation of a better or "competitive player". Adaptation is the key here.

The game recognizes each players league and point status, and decides which tier map each player will be placed in. For beginners, there will be more boost areas, and less traps. However, once the player has adapted to this, there will be a higher chance of being placed on a higher "tier" of the stage.

If you're going to play to win, you must use the stage as optimal as possible. Use everything you need to in order to get higher in the league!