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Players Getting ready to race on Castle

The Castle is a stage in Battle Run and is the easiest stage. The background depicts a meadow and mountains. As the player nears the finish line, a castle will appear. The name of the stage is unknown. The name of the stage on this wiki is a pseudonym and is not the official name of the stage.

Obstacles Edit

Castle has 4 obstacles. 3 are harmful and 1 is advantageous

Harmful Obstacles Edit

Spears Edit


The Spears on the stage Castle


Spears are a harmful obstacle in the Stage Castle. They kill any player who comes into contact with the spear. Spears can also appear on walls and under floating platforms. Spears also have horned helmets on them.

Chess Pieces Edit

Chess Pieces

The Chess Pieces on the stage Castle

Chess Pieces are a harmful obstacle in the Stage Castle. They don't kill the player upon contact, but requires the player to jump. If the player does not jump, the obstacle will stop the player's movement.


Closed Gate Edit

The Closed Gate is a harmful obstacle in the Stage Castle. The Closed gate acts like the Chess Pieces in the game. Although the Closed Gates appear to be a longer obstacle.

Advantageous Obstacles Edit

Open Gate Edit

Open Gate

the Open Gate on the stage Castle


Open Gates are advantageous obstacles in the stage Castle. The Open Gate depicts a open door and a long hall way following it. If a player enters this hallway they become invisible to those who aren't inside. The player can't jump inside the hallway so it's a good idea to use the LandMine, Goo, or Yarn as they are unavoidable to those who enter the Open Gate. The hallway can obtain hidden items such as Weapon Boxes and Stars. The Throwing Axe can pass through Open Gates and kill players inside.

Theme MusicEdit

The Theme Music for the Castle Stage sounds to be a Bango playing as you go along.