Bone (Cropped)

Spoon throwing his Bone.


  • Thrown Weapon
  • Slows enemy and prevents weapons from being used on contact
  • Upgrades increase bones thrown and speed (max 2 thrown)


The function of the Bone is that upon direct contact of the Bone is often referred to as a "disable". In a disable, the character is slowed and prevented from using abilities. You will also run exactly like Spoon does.

Competitive PlayEdit

Very good push ability and leaves enemies vulnerable.

Ranking of similar weapons:

  1. Bone
  2. Ninja Star
  3. Slime Gun
  4. Throwing Axe
  5. Egg

Bone is ranked as the highest thrown weapon due to it's excellent range and effective disable function to keep players behind and taking the lead. Of course, it is not the fastest.