Welcome to Battle Run. The multiplayer running game that 3 million players love just got even better. Now you can choose 15 different pets to assist you!

Battle Run is a 2D racer where everyone strives to reach the finish line first. You can outrun three other players in real time! If you can’t run fast enough, use a weapon to take down whomever is in front of you.

๏ REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER  Playing with your friends’ score is boring. Battling with them in real time is awesome.

๏ ARSENAL OF WEAPONS  Missile, Chainsaw, axe, landmine, meteor, and many more weapons to hurt other players real bad.

๏ CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOK  Customize your own set of cloth, hat, glass, mask, or even trailing effect. DRESS UP to look unique in the game!

๏ CHOOST YOUR PETS Get instant boost and extra shield with your PETs. All of them are different and unique.


Climb up the ranking and be the best possible battle runner in the world!
Egg (Cropped)

The egg bits left on the ground.

Mr. Touchdown (Cropped)

Chip using Mr. Touchdown.

Landmine (Cropped)

A Landmine on the ground.


Macie using Chainsaw.

Boost (Cropped)

Chip using Boost (Note the streaking blue trail behind him. This is the effect applied when using Boost).

Boomerang (Cropped)

Macie and her trusty Boomerang.

HR (Cropped)

A Homing Rocket flying forward.

Hoverboard (Cropped)

Dust using his signature Hoverboard.

Throwing Axe (Cropped)

Dust throwing his first Throwing Axe

Chip (Cropped)

Chip at the main screen

Spoon (Cropped)

Spoon at the main screen

Molly (Cropped)

Molly at the main screen

IJoe (Cropped)

Joe at the main screen

Macie (Cropped)

Macie at the main screen

Dust (Cropped)

Dust at the main screen

Battle run is the best and is a very fun game to play It's about racing and you get to destroy your en enemies at the sAme time
IJoe (Cropped)
Macie (Cropped)
Dust (Cropped)

Zombie looks like a basketball player except it plays with it's head.


Spider puts down other small spiders


The mummy


the unicorn is rainbow


A design picture of the Robo Spacecraft.

Battle Run Season 1

App Logo for the first season of Battle Run.

Spider (Cropped)

A Spiderling.

League (Cropped)

A notification notifying that one has advanced a tier or league.

Weapon (Cropped)

The weapon bar on the bottom of the main screen. The bar shows what weapon each Character has (In this case, Spoon's), and what level each weapon is.

Shock (Cropped)

Chip using Robo Shock to Shock an enemy Dust.

Robo Car (Cropped)

Robo Car, in it's robot form, ready to shoot rockets.

Glitch (Cropped)

Macie dashing forward on Glitch.

Dragon (Cropped)

Spoon riding Dragon, while it is shooting flames.

BabyLoo (Cropped)

Molly using BabyLoo during his scratching stage.

Drill (Cropped)

The Drill Projectile.

Meteor Shower (Cropped)

A Meteor Shower being unleashed.

Yarn (Cropped)

Macie dropping Yarn on the ground.

Goo (Cropped)

Macie using Goo.

Robo Shock (Cropped)

Chip's appearance during Robo Shock.

Boxing Glove (Cropped)

Joe using his Boxing Glove.

Bone (Cropped)

Spoon throwing his Bone.