BabyLoo (Cropped)

Molly using BabyLoo during his scratching stage.


BabyLoo is a pet in battle run. He resembles a polar bear, and characters ride on his back. BabyLoo is your starting a.k.a worst pet in the whole game.


BabyLoo is granted a rush of speed during his attack period (see below).


For the first few seconds after using, BabyLoo will swipe in front of him rapidly, killing enemies who come in contact with him. He is also granted a rush of speed during his swiping-period. (Similar affect to Panda's Bamboo sticks).


Babyloo is a starter pet and can be found in all eggs.

It is not available for trade.

Babyloo is now available in legendary eggs as well.

Competitive Play

Aside from new players, BabyLoo is very rarely used by competitive players. Despite being a starter pet BabyLoo has the fastest repetitive attack speed, giving the chance to "hit" a player twice if they are using a pet. Syxx is a notable player that uses this pet.


BabyLoo is the pet players start with.

Usually newbies use this (mostly bronze league).

You can still get BabyLoo from eggs but, you get better stats than the starter.

Starter stats: All 30's
Op babyloo

FirE_EcH showing his babyloo with all 100's in it's stats

Damage: 30 - 40

Attack time: 30 - 40

Speed: 30 - 40

Life: 30 - 40