Alpaca Gameplay

Alpaca Gameplay

Battle Run Alpaca



Alpaca is a pet in Battle Run. It appears as an animal of the same name, players ride on him respectively.


The Alpaca has a fast speed boost upon activation and can be used to boost from second to first easily.
Screenshot 2015-06-05-16-39-13

OICW_Nicky riding his Alpaca in the air


The Alpaca attacks by shaking it's head back and forth killing both player and pet upon impact. (Similar to Zombie's Attack Phase)


The Alpaca is a legendary pet and can only be found in legendary eggs.

It's also now a available for trade as well.

Competitive Play

  • Its a very competitive pet in high leagues. It has a strong boost and the attack time which can make it decent for an offensive pet. If you use this pet in combination with Chainsaw and Speed Boost, it can be a killer in competition! Play style is extremely similar to Unicorn that it has consistent speed and damage.
  • The alpaca is the best melee pet( speed and attack).